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VOTE for FULL LEGALIZATION: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2018 is an election year. The full legalization of cannabis in Minnesota depends on having the right people elected to serve in the state legislature and Governor’s office. The Minnesota

Campaign for Full Legalization has produced this voter guide to inform voters about the positions of state House candidates on ending prohibition and fully legalizing adult personal use cannabis in Minnesota.

Please share this link with everyone you know who wants Minnesota to fully legalize cannabis:

METHODOLOGY: We mailed and emailed our seven question candidate survey to candidates for state representative. We called and sent follow up emails to non-responders asking them to answer our questions by August 10, 2018. Every candidate was given a letter grade, A-F, based on their answers, or their decision to ignore or decline to complete our survey. For incumbents, we also factored in their legislative record on cannabis policy, specifically focusing on the voting record of those who were in office during the 2014 state legislative session when the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program was legalized. We gave extra credit to authors or co-authors of the full legalization bills introduced during the past two legislative sessions. Our seven questions merely sought answers of YES / NO / UNDECIDED in hopes of yielding a high response rate. We will continue to seek answers from non-responders, and ask their voting constituents to insist on them informing us of their positions on prohibition and legalization.

Below are the seven questions that we asked state representative candidates to answer:

  1. Do you support the statewide legalization of cannabis possession and personal use for adult Minnesotans?
  1. If so, do you support the establishment of a fully legalized, regulated, and taxed adult personal use cannabis industry in Minnesota?
  1. Do you support establishing home-growing rights for adult personal use in Minnesota?
  1. When cannabis is fully legalized in Minnesota, would you support the retroactive dismissal or reduction of sentences, and the expungement of nonviolent “marijuana” convictions from criminal records?
  1. Would you support the passage of a constitutional amendment act that would allow the citizens of Minnesota to decide on whether or not to fully legalize adult personal use of cannabis?
  1. Are you aware that enforcement of existing “marijuana” prohibition laws has had a disproportionate effect on communities of color in Minnesota?
  1. Do you support the creation of an equitable legal cannabis industry in Minnesota designed to create economic development opportunities for low to moderate income entrepreneurs in communities that have been disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition?

HELP US: We are not taking no for an answer from any candidates who want to represent us in the state Legislature or Governor’s office. While we gave them all a deadline of August 10, 2018 to answer our questions, we will continue to ask the candidates who chose not to answer our candidate survey questions to do so ASAP, long before the November 6, 2018 General Election. Even if a candidate has declined to answer us, we want to get an indication from them about where they stand either verbally or in writing. If any candidate in your legislative district has failed to answer our questions, please help us by asking them to answer our questions yourself, to inform you as a constituent voter, by sharing our candidate survey with them. The candidate survey can be found at the following link:


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