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Gubernatorial and Legislative Candidate Endorsements

Influencing the 2018 Minnesota Gubernatorial (Governor) and State House (Representatives) election outcomes is the most impactful thing we can do this year. Our campaign will endorse candidates, produce a Voter’s Guide and make calls to action for full legalization supporters to vote against Prohibitionist candidates. Please join our Endorsements Team (which will collaborate with our Events Team and Lobby Team) if you are interested, willing and able to support the candidate screening process, which will culminate in our campaign Endorsement Convention to be held in mid-October 2018.


Voter Petition Drive

Minnesota is not an Initiative State, which means that we cannot create a petition that will place the question of full legalization on an election ballot for voters to decide to #EndProhibition. However, our campaign has begun to petition voters with our 2018 Minnesota Voters Petition to End Prohibition and Fully Legalize Cannabis [INSERT Petition]We are recruiting volunteers for our Petition Team to engage as many voters as possible leading up to both the August 14, 2018 Primary Election, and the November 6, 2018 General Election. We are building a base of support with our Voter Petition drive by collecting the contact information of as many voters as possible who are willing to commit to voting against Prohibitionist candidates. As we approach the Elections, we will follow-up with everyone who signs our petition to inform them of the candidates who support full legalization, and those candidates who support Prohibition, and ask them to vote accordingly. The next Governor will be elected with 1,000,000 votes but will likely win be a narrow margin which could be a difference of less than 10,000 votes. None of the contact information that we collect during our voter petitioning process will be shared with the state government nor any candidates’ campaigns, but we will inform the candidates of the total number of voter contacts and pledges to vote against Prohibitionists that we collect this year (and in subsequent election years). We hope to gain leverage with our organized base to influence the frontrunner candidates to make serious commitments to supporting full legalization if they should be elected or re-elected.  



2018 Minnesota Voters Petition to End Prohibition and Fully Legalize Cannabis


We, the people of Minnesota who believe in personal freedom must help to end “Marijuana” prohibition now because it has proven to be a senseless, expensive, destructive, structurally racist, and failed public policy. We must fully legalize, equitably regulate, and reasonably tax an adult personal use cannabis industry in Minnesota; establish home growing rights to increase civil liberty, improve public safety, and generate economic development statewide; and expunge criminal records to increase socioeconomic opportunities for victims of prohibition laws.

To ensure that cannabis will be fully legalized in our state sooner than later, we the undersigned Minnesota VOTERS WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY PROHIBITIONIST on the August 14, 2018 Primary Election or the November 6, 2018 General Election.


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Voter’s Guide

The Primary Election is on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 and the General Election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  Our campaign will organize a candidate endorsement convention to endorse candidates for Governor and State House (Representatives) in early or mid-October where we will publish our candidate endorsements in a Campaign for Full Legalization Voter’s Guide. We will promote the Voter’s Guide to the thousands of people who will sign our Voter’s Petition this year, all of whom will have their contact information entered into our campaign database, and we will promote our Voter’s Guide to the public at-large via social media, local TV, and radio platforms, and at summer and fall events this year (as well as subsequent elections).


Voter Registration  

We will work to register as many new voters, or voters who have moved since the previous election, and urge them to make the commitment to vote against Prohibitionists. Members of all seven of our Action Teams will be involved in registering voters to vote, but especially the Petition Team.

Full Legalization supporters who are not yet registered to vote, but willing and able to register online, may do so at this link:

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