Cannabis Count

The Current Count

The Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization is organizing a statewide, grassroots campaign to fully legalize cannabis in our state. We’re recruiting supporters in all 134 Minnesota State House Districts to commit to contacting their legislators on an as needed basis to question, educate and challenge them to stand on the right side of history by supporting the end of 80+ years of senseless, failed and structurally racist cannabis prohibition. We are working to facilitate conversations between constituents and all 201 state legislators about the many imperatives of full legalization.


We have a Full Legalization Legislator Survey that we need every state legislator to answer to inform us of their position on issues related to cannabis prohibition and full legalization in Minnesota. We will compile the responses in a document we’re calling the “Cannabis Count.” The Cannabis Count data will be used to inform our ongoing political organizing and legislative advocacy work. We will also use the Cannabis Count to both inform our lobbying efforts and to produce a Voter’s Guide, and sample ballots for the 2018 state election. We will promote and distribute the Cannabis Count and the Voter’s Guide leading up to Primary Election on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, and the General Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.


Our campaign has sent individual surveys addressed to each and all 201 Minnesota State Legislators, but we will also need to send surveys to all the candidates for State Representative and Governor, and to follow-up with them all until we achieve a 100% response rate. We’re asking everyone who supports our campaign to commit to at least contacting their own State Representative, State Senator, incumbent challengers and open seat candidates in your / their own state legislative district, as well as all the Gubernatorial (Governor) candidates to get our survey questions answered.


The following italicized and emboldened text is the introductory paragraph of our legislator and candidate survey

Dear Representative / Senator / Candidate ____________________,

The Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization is organizing voters in every state legislative district to advocate for an end to “Marijuana” prohibition. Most Minnesotans know that prohibiting cannabis is senseless, structurally racist, and failed public policy. Most Minnesotans now support fully legalizing cannabis because it will increase civil liberty, improve public safety, and generate economic development statewide. More than 500,000 adult personal use cannabis consumers in Minnesota live in fear of being criminalized for consuming this natural healing plant that has never killed anyone. The most dangerous thing about cannabis is getting caught with it. You do not have to be pro-cannabis to oppose its prohibition. If you value personal freedom and public safety, then we need you to become a full legalization champion.

Please answer our full legalization legislator survey to help us identify where you stand on the issue of fully legalizing the adult personal use of cannabis in Minnesota.  


Full Legalization Legislator Survey Questions


  • Do you support the statewide legalization of cannabis possession and personal use for adult Minnesotans?


Yes / No / Undecided


  • If so, do you support the establishment of a fully legalized, regulated and taxed adult personal use cannabis industry in Minnesota?


Yes / No / Undecided


  • Do you support establishing home-growing rights for adult personal use in Minnesota?


Yes / No / Undecided


  • When cannabis is fully legalized in Minnesota, would you support the retroactive dismissal or reduction of sentences, and the expungement of nonviolent “marijuana” convictions from criminal records?


Yes / No / Undecided


  • Would you support the passage of a constitutional amendment act that would allow the citizens of Minnesota to decide to fully legalize adult personal use of cannabis?


Yes / No / Undecided


  • Are you aware that enforcement of existing “marijuana” prohibition laws has had a disproportionate effect on communities of color in Minnesota?


Yes / No / Undecided


  • Do you support the creation of an equitable legal cannabis industry in Minnesota designed to create economic development opportunities for low to moderate income entrepreneurs in communities that have been disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition?


Yes / No / Undecided



  • We want all the Minnesota state legislators to complete our survey by Tuesday, April 10, 2018.
  • We will also invite candidates challenging incumbents or campaigning for open seats to complete our survey by Thursday, May 10, 2018.


We need Minnesotans in every state legislative district to actively join our Lobby Team, but we will have ample capacity if a couple dozen people begin to conduct the surveying of our state legislators. Our campaign will only begin to be successful when we collect this data. We’re asking everyone to commit to getting their own State Representative and State Senator to answer our seven-question yes / no / undecided survey by volunteering for at least one hour weekly. If you’re willing and able to accept assignments to multiple legislators, both including and beyond your own, then we’ll have even more capacity to get the Cannabis Count completed to inform our lobbying and electoral campaign work.

If you decide to help us complete the Cannabis Count, we’ll:

  1. Assign legislators for you to contact,
  2. Provide you with an orientation and the lobby team toolkit – an information packet about our campaign and how you can most effectively contribute – and
  3. We’ll communicate with you as needed on the phone and/or via email to support your leadership development in becoming an effective citizen lobbyist and/or community organizer for our movement.


  • 612.749.4332 (text for quickest replies, but feel free to call, and please record a voice message and/or text if you cannot directly reach mh when you call)