10000 For Full Legalization

Although most Minnesotans privately support full legalization, our state legislators will continue to treat it as a negligible fringe issue until they hear from enough of their constituents. We have set a goal of recruiting an average of 75 reliable, value-adding activists in all 134 Minnesota State Legislative House Districts to share their stories with their state legislators, and to commit to actively campaigning with us until we end prohibition laws in our state. We are recruiting 10,000 Minnesotans to publicly advocate for the full legalization of cannabis, which means telling your legislators what you know, how you feel, and what you as their constituent expect them to do to end prohibition and fully legalize cannabis as your elected representative.

Who is in the State Legislature?

There are three categories of legislators when it comes to the question of fully legalizing cannabis:

  1. The Prohibitionists don’t believe cannabis should be legal in any form, not even medical cannabis.
  2. The Marihuana Middle support some form of medical cannabis legalization, but not so-called ‘recreational use’ or adult personal use cannabis legalization.
  3. Full legalization champions understand the senseless, failed and structurally racist nature, history and outcomes of cannabis prohibition for the past 80 years, and the moral and economic imperatives of fully legalizing cannabis for adult personal use.

Current Full Legalization Legislations

Four cannabis legalization bills were introduced during the 2017 Minnesota legislative session, including House File 926, House File 927, House File 2714, and Senate File 1320, a companion bill to HF 926. Our campaign currently favors HF 2714 which proposes a Constitutional Amendment to voters.

As of now, we have no confidence that the Minnesota State Legislature will advance any full legalization legislation on their own any year soon or in an acceptable manner because of their collective lack of political will in the face of staunch opposition from the law enforcement lobby. They don’t seem to understand or care that thousands of lives are at stake each year that cannabis prohibition continues. We cannot afford to wait indefinitely for a supposedly inevitable end of prohibition that could take forever to happen because lives are at stake. We are demanding that our legislators fully legalize cannabis OR#LetThePeopleDecide to #LegalizeItMN with no further delay!