About MCFL

Our mission is to end ‘marijuana’ prohibition in Minnesota, to establish a fully legalized adult personal use cannabis industry with home growing rights, and have ‘marijuana’ related offenses expunged from criminal records.

What To Expect


Organize voters in every state legislative district to become full legalization activists

Cannabis Count: Identity who is who in the Minnesota State Legislature

Endorse candidates for Governor and State Legislature to influence election outcomes

Influence public opinion to increase public support for full legalization

Lobby our State Legislators accordingly


Lobby Team

Petition Team

Endorsements Team

Research and Communications Team

Events Team

Fundraising Team

Storytellers Team


Citizen lobbying

Petitioning to build our support base

Voter registration

Candidate endorsements

Phone banking

Door to door canvassing

Event organizing

Media advocacy


Ours is a political organization, so we are engaged in a variety of fundamental political organizing and advocacy activities.

Our campaign is organized into seven Cannabis Legalization Action Teams. 

(Descriptions of our Action Teams can be found in the ACTION section of this website.)